Safety Features


The Condor is safer than just about pickup truck ever built. Designed from the ground up in a racing shop to protect the occupant in impacts far exceeding DOT standards, the Condor has some features like other production truck.


Integral Roll Cage


Each Condor cab is a single, molded, high-fiber construction with ChroMoly (4130) roll cage embedded into the polymers. This cab isn’t bolted together. It is bonded together to make a rattle-free, leak free safety chamber that will protect the occupants.

This design exceeds all DOT safety standards.


4-Wheel Independent Suspension


We designed the Condor to overcome the inherent instability in the typical pickup truck. All pickup trucks suffer from under-steering and poor rear wheel traction when the bed is empty. The Condor fixed this design with a fully independent suspension with a higher ground clearance, but with a much lower center of gravity.
Oversized discs on each wheel selected for maximum stability
Even though the Condor is more than 1,000 pounds lighter that the typical pickup truck, the weight distribution makes it extremely stable under all driving conditions. The addition of Electronic Stability Control braking makes the Condor perhaps the safest pickup truck in the world.


Electronic Safety


Electric vehicles have a safety record going back to the year 1897. Until 1912, 70% of the cars, buses, and trains in America were electric. Women did not drive gasoline-powered vehicles, until the electric starter was invented in 1912. They were called hummingbirds for the quiet tone made by the controller. To this date, there has been no one killed in an electric vehicle.

The Condor has designed into it even further safety features that make it unique. There is no inverter on the Condor, so there is no lethal AC current. Everything runs on DC, which eliminates the powerful AC electric fields which are suspected in human health issues. Drivers report a peaceful feeling when driving the Condor, because the exposure to the driver is pure DC magnetic energy. Medical research has confirmed that DC fields are beneficial to human physiology. In the event of an accident, the entire battery storage system is double protected against short circuit. The Condor battery chemistry is non-toxic and not flammable in most conditions.

One more thing. We realize that almost all traffic fatalities occur because the occupant is not wearing a seatbelt. That is precisely why the Condor is designed to prevent the vehicle from moving unless all occupants are properly belted. In other words, if you’re not wearing your seatbelt, the throttle will not work. If you take your belt off while the vehicle is moving, you will coast to a stop. We want to keep you safe. The Condor is designed to last a lifetime, and we want yours to be a very long and happy, gasoline-free lifetime.