Condors may be shipped "ready to drive" to any port in the world.

Export Programs

EVFI has two export programs to compete in virtually any market.*

Made to Order

Condor electric pickup trucks may be purchased fully assembled and shipped with a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. The process is simple.

1. Send us a Purchase Order (sample PO form provided here). Attach this form to an email to
2. Qualified customers will be provided financing terms within a few business days.
3. Manufacturing and delivery process begins within 24 hours of deposit.

Assembly Sharing Program

EVFI offers a license, training, supply chain, and support for foreign investors who wish to form a CONDOR assembly and sales organization.  Our patent-pending modular assembly process makes it simple and profitable.  This greatly reduces the capital required to produce automobiles and allows you to create jobs in your market area, produce and sell the world’s only highway-speed electric truck in your market.

You don’t need a 10-mile long assembly line. You don’t need 500 employees to open the doors. You don’t need any proprietary tooling.  The assembly process is extremely efficient, flexible, and is based on Lean Six-Sigma principles that ensure an error-free operation.

green factory for Condor electric trucks

How Does it Work for You?

EVFI  offers an affordable Complete Knock Down (CKD) program for foreign companies. You can create jobs in your country while earning profits on EVFI award-winning electric trucks in your market.

There are major advantages to doing business this way for you and for us. You get to bypass the Value Added Taxes for vehicle imports two ways. First, this is not a complete vehicle until your plant assembles it. Second, this vehicle creates manufacturing jobs in your country, which is highly incentivized.

Ask About our Financing Plan

EVFI requires a deposit and contract with the order. Customer must provide a letter of credit prior to shipping and full payment upon shipping the CONDOR electric cab and chassis or subassemblies.  All exports will be supported by the Export-Import Bank (EX-IM) which will reduce the amount of deposit necessary to begin the manufacturing process.  Simple fill out the PO Form and we will contact you within a few days to work out the details.

Phase One Plant

EVFI-USA will ship you the six (6) CKD modules already prebuilt, tested, and ready to plug and play upon full payment of the license fee. We will provide you with plant layouts, material lists, labor requirement, tooling requirements, work instructions, training, and will sign a Part Submission Warrant when the production part approval process is completed. Within a couple of months, you should be ready to assemble and exclusively sell Condor platform vehicles in your own market catchment area. It should take no more than 40 man hours to assemble the electric truck and have it ready for your customer. EVFI now offers financing for your purchase orders, so please provide the information below, and we will see if you qualify. This offer is for assembly/distribution customers outside the US only.

Phase Two Plant

Once your company has reached the royalty trigger point, typically only $10 million in annual sales, your company will retain its exclusive rights to assemble and sell the Condor platform vehicle in your market catchment area. You may also source parts for some of the modules locally, which may save you cost and increase the margins. We know that if you are successful, we will be successful. The main focus is to put as many emission-free trucks on the roads of Earth as possible. This is going to change everything.

Contact us Today

The EVFI Export Program is designed to allow foreign investors to support their local market by facilitating the finish assembly of the light electric cab and chassis.  The license is very affordable and the small royalty does not begin until you reach $10 million in sales. The benefits of becoming an EVFI assembly and sales customer are too numerous to mention, but having the exclusive territorial rights to sell the world’s only highway-speed electric pickup truck puts you in the driver seat as the first to market. If you’re interested in building Condor electric pickup truck in your country, please contact us today. We can accommodate virtually any language in any part of the world, so you may write us in your native language if you like.

Let’s build some trucks!
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NOTICE:  This opportunity is not available for US locations.  All US sales are perfected at our Charlotte, North Carolina dealership only.