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EVFI is able to access the latest and greatest technology from almost any source. We can do that because we have three decades of experience with ISO-9000, QS-9000, and with the newest quality standard TS-16949, and we have chosen not to require third-party certification for our technology providers. This means that leading edge technology right from the inventor, university, or private engineer can be tested in our R&D facility and make its way into our vehicles with our rapid new product development process.

Your idea will never be shared outside of our relationship, unless you specifically approve it. Your contact information is 100% secure. This is your chance to effect the change you dream about with your ideas.

If you are an inventor, a manufacturer, or a technology provider, please take the time to fill out our form below and we will make contact in a couple of days. Please read our terms below, so you can see how you can get paid for your ideas and your products.

EVFI does not pay to develop prototypes. Building the prototype is part of the process every inventor goes through. There is no way around it. Here are the steps for getting your technology into a EVFI vehicle.

1.   You build the prototype, or at least the proof of concept or a benchtop model.
2.   You make a video of the prototype or proof of concept working and send us the link so we can evaluate the validity of the idea. If it passes, we move to the next step.
3.   EVFI will travel to your facility to witness the technology working. If it passes, then we move to the next step.
4.   EVFI will craft a License Agreement with the inventor, which will contain a one-time fee for licensing the technology to the Company as well as a royalty schedule. The royalties will be paid on a regular schedule based upon the number of units sold or manufactured by the Company.

That’s it. It is that simple to take your idea to the marketplace with EVFI. Your first step is to fill out the form below.

New Technology Portal

All great ideas come from people like you.  Attics, garages, basements and small shops all over America are the origins of most of the best technology.  EVFI gives you the chance to get your technology into the market.  Fill out the form.  That starts the process.

New Technology Providers

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