Published Aug. 9, 2014, in The Gaston Gazette: EV Fleet electric trucks news.


By Michael Barrett

EV Fleet Brooks Agnew shakes hands with NC Gov. Pat McCrory during the opening of ReVenture Park.

EV Fleet’s Brooks Agnew shakes hands with NC Gov. Pat McCrory during the Aug. 7 opening of ReVenture Park.

The Gaston Gazette
The firm that has been working to redevelop a contaminated industrial site near Mount Holly says it now has 10 companies operating there. Those consist of start-up businesses and pilot projects that employ a total of 40 to 45 people. Officials say they are demonstrating the potential of ReVenture Park to further attract economic development and create more green energy jobs in the future.

“It’s becoming an entrepreneurial incubator,” said Tom McKittrick, president of Forsite Development, a commercial real estate firm redeveloping the site. “Our goal from the beginning was to take a shuttered manufacturing plant that has very heavy infrastructure and reposition the buildings to create recycling-based projects.

“Now five years later, it’s starting to come together quickly.”

The strides at ReVenture Park were recognized Thursday (Aug. 7) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It awarded an Excellence in Site Reuse award for officials who redeveloped the former Superfund site into the region’s first eco-industrial park.

… Another ReVenture tenant, EV Fleet, has developed the first highway-ready, light-duty electric pickup truck capable of accelerating to 60 miles an hour in about 5 seconds.

The company is beginning to take orders for the new 2015 Condor and expects to be manufacturing in the near future with 20 to 30 trucks per day, McKittrick said.

“They have 12 employees and will have double that in the next 60 days,” he said.

EPA Deputy Director Franklin Hill presented the gold plaque for excellent in renewing a former super-fund site and agreed to push for licensing of a Charlotte testing lab for electric vehicles to help lower the cost of development for EV Fleet. McKittrick said the EPA award is gratifying and demonstrates ReVenture Park is finally cresting the hill. He sees it continuing on the momentum it has built.

“It’s been a long, uphill battle, but we can definitely say the site is being put back to productive use and promoting the clean-energy economy,” he said. “I’m having conversations literally every week with other companies interested in locating here.”

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