EV Fleet, Inc. (EVFI) has principle offices in North Carolina. The highest quality racing chassis design skills by Prestige Motorsports and Race City Steel were required to turn EVFI designs into a chassis that will last a lifetime. What you are about to drive is a pollution-free vehicle that is affordable, fast, tough, and American made. The profits stay right here in America. EVFI is ready to make your truck. Our team has more than three decades of major vehicle platform launches. Our team decided to make a new type of car company.

For more than 100 years, the major car makers have been telling the marketplace, “You will buy what we build, and you will like it.” Their commercials show tire smoking, sideways drifting cars, trucks, and SUV’s on a closed course. Any vehicle being driven that way violates every traffic law on the books, and its driver will be charged enormous insurance premiums.

EVFI brings a new philosophy to the automotive world. Over the last decade, we have developed one of the toughest, safest, fastest, and most affordable electric cab and chassis trucks in the world. This is your truck. There are no two identical smart phones on earth. Why should your truck be any different? EVFI provides you a smart truck with advanced electronic performance that you can configure any way you like. Fast and quick, or an amp-sipping distance runner, it’s up to you.

The EVFI Condor Cab and Chassis is a Fleet Manager’s dream vehicle. It can climb any mountain and keep you comfortable in any climate at any altitude. No oil to change. No water to leak. No belts, hoses, or pulley bearings to stock. Every wear item is currently on your local parts shelf. And best of all, no gasoline required. Operate one truck, or a thousand trucks, and never worry about the price of gasoline again. The more miles your fleet drives a day, the greater your savings over any gas-powered fleet.

EVFI is a one-stop supplier. We can adjust the battery pack size and the charger package to fit your operations needs. If you run a dozen short routes a day, a faster charger with a smaller battery pack will save thousands on acquisition costs. If you operate tools, equipment, radios, a cargo cooler, or mobile labs, you can run all day on built-in solar power and still drive 100 miles or more between charges. In certain applications. you may never pay a single penny to drive your CONDOR, ever. There is a perfect configuration for you at EVFI. Let us build you a fleet today.

Step away from the pump forever. Plug in the future. Drive electric.

“Finally, someone is listening to the Fleet manager.  EVFI delivers relief from fuel costs with a truck that fits our needs perfectly.”

— Top 100 Fleets Magazine


EVFI and it’s strategic partners and alliances have formed a very strong and diverse, vertical automotive manufacturing organization.   EVFI’s patent-pending drive & charging systems is positioned to dominate this niche industry for the next decade.  EVFI’s  rapid new-product development methodologies are capable of ensuring that the best technology makes its way to the customer years ahead of the major car makers. The EVFI Condor is quite possible the most American made truck in America and the only 62E Class (light electric truck) vehicle listed with the General Services Administration. The time has come for EVFI to launch. Are you ready for the change?

The fleet customer demand for the EVFI Condor has shown to us that this is the right vehicle for the right market at the right time.