100% Electric Condor Pickup Truck

EV Fleet Requests Municipal Purchase Order for 10,000 new CONDOR Trucks!

Our dedicated mission is to transition municipal and commercial fleet truck managers to the CONDOR electric truck platform.


  • 1,000 lbs Payload
  • CONDOR cab-and-chassis universally fits any truck bed configuration
  • 200+ Daily Mile Range
  • Operation Cost 2 Cents per Mile
  • We invented and own the patents on electric multi-ratio rear-wheel drive technology
  • Safest and largest cab in its class
  • Ask about the EVFI revolutionary Municipal Leasing Program
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Lowest Drag of Any Truck

The CONDOR cab and chassis slips through the air with hardly any drag. This keeps you from losing energy while you drive, so you travel further between charges. 

Safest Cab in the Industry

The CONDOR cab is not only the largest cab in its class, it is the safest.  With a 1.5″ steel roll cage around the occupants, the CONDOR exceeds all crashworthiness requirements with a high margin of safety.

Designed for Fleets by Fleet Managers

The CONDOR cab and chassis is built to work hard and last for a lifetime.  It will haul 1,000 pounds.  It will keep the driver comfortable in any weather for up to 20 hours in heavy traffic.  It will operate for about 2 cents a mile for up to 200 miles a day.

Your Truck Your Way

The CONDOR cab and chassis will fit anywhere in your urban fleet.  We thrive in environments that destroy gas-powered trucks.  You pay one, fixed fee each month.  You get a new truck every year.  This is your electric fleet.

We will install virtually ANY truck body on the frame, wrap it in your design, and deliver it to your door.  It doesn’t get any better than this.