Welcome to EV Fleet’s QR Information Center

“EV Fleet is dedicated to manufacturing safe, affordable electric vehicles for the American highway.”

The fact that you are here means you scanned our QR Code with your smartphone. If you already own an EVFI vehicle, then you are already saving money each month by not buying gasoline. The information below will be updated as often as needed.

In the mean time, if you have discovered something about your vehicle that you would like to see improved, please fill out this short feedback form and send it to us. We will respond as quickly as possible, and your idea may result in improvements in the vehicle. We value the Voice of the Customer more than anything else, so please don’t leave us out of your ideas. Share them and watch the improvements happen before your eyes.

QR Code Feedback

This form allows owners to make suggestions on how we can improve the performance and features of their EVFI electric vehicle.

Vehicle Updates

This area will contain new updates, regulations, networking opportunities, and other great information on an ongoing basis.