Electrify your Marketing

EVFI is an independent designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles. We are innovative and dedicated to listening to the customer so we can deliver the perfect pollution-free driving solution to the market. How would you like to own the most advanced electric truck on the market for about $10,000* out of pocket?

In response to requests to sponsor a demonstrator, we have created a new program. The public wins. The Sponsor wins. EVFI wins. Here’s how it works:

Demonstrator Sponsorship

Any entity can sponsor a EVFI demonstrator. All you have to do is pay for the vehicle, and let us place your advertisement onto the vehicle. EVFI will agree to let prospective customers drive your demonstrator, accomplishing three things.

  1. The test-driving customer gets to experience the thrill of fast, quick, and nimble trucks that can carry half their own weight in the cargo area.
  2. The EVFI vehicle is on display at trade shows, public events, and of course all over town being driven by commercial customers. This means your advertisement is being seen in the right places by the right people in regional or even national venues..
  3. The EVFI vehicle belongs to the sponsor. The asset is on the sponsor’s books and EVFI is the advertisement partner free of charge. After 6 months of free advertising by EVFI with your truck, it is cleaned up and delivered to the Sponsor. That’s it. The Sponsor gets tons of free advertising, a spectacular electric truck, and the chance to make a huge difference in the way short-range deliveries are done.

The return on investment can be enormous

EVFI has the only electric truck in the nation. It is unique and attractive, just like your business. Imagine your advertisement appearing in these places as a value-added feature:

  • TV Commercials
  • Major motion pictures
  • News Stories
  • Trade Shows
  • Magazines
  • Public Events
  • NASCAR events

EVFI will proudly promote your company

Your company needs an advertising edge to be seen in the right places by your customers. EVFI needs your help as much as you need to reach your market, because there are tens of thousands of customers who want to test drive our world class vehicle. Your product and company will be proudly promoted by EVFI as part of the Sponsorship Agreement.

When we ride, you ride. Come on. Drive Electric! Sponsor a EVFI demonstrator today.

* The EVFI Condor is eligible for numerous tax and cash incentives that offset the cost of the vehicle.  Ask your accountant about the many incentives that bring the cost down for your new EVFI Condor.

EVFI Demonstrator Sponsor

This is your chance to be part of the pollution revolution and greatly lower your costs of operation by eliminating gasoline or diesel from your transportation equation. Your small investment will help Americans put millions of dollars back to work, instead of burning cash in the gas tank. Now THAT is economic stimulus that works without costing the taxpayers a single dime!! Show your interest in sponsoring a VISION demonstrator by filling out and submitting the form below. Are you ready for the change?

Demo Sponsorship Form

Contact list for company interest in sponsoring a demonstrator
  • If you are not representing a company, place your last name here.