Supporting EVFI

EVFI electric trucks are a perfect fit in the American light delivery industry

EVFI is an American privately held Corporation. We do not accept the things we cannot change. Instead, we are changing the things we cannot accept. This is not a solicitation to sell stock. If you are interested in supporting EVFI send us an email at ( and include your phone number so we can find out a little more about each other. The demand for the EVFICondor is higher than ever with written interest from commercial customers for more than 90 thousand vehicles worth more than $4 billion, so now is the perfect time to get involved.

EVFI accepts donations from people who understand that there are no government incentives to help independent car makers.  Real people have the right to direct their own funds to endeavor of their choice and can do so by clicking the donate button below.  The money taken from you in taxes is spent by someone else for their agenda. We have heard your requests for us to provide you a way to show your support for the emission-free automobile community, and we have added a DONATE button so you can choose where you want your money to go.

No, it is not tax deductible, and there is no possibility you can buy stock in our company.  There is no guarantee that we will be successful, but there is one thing we promise.  If enough of you participate in this request, we will be successful in overcoming the global corporate protectionism of the Federal agencies, and we promise to provide you a reward.  We don’t know how much it will be, or when it will be sent to you.  You may even forget about what you donated to us, but we will never forget you, and when we are able to show our gratitude for you, perhaps when you least expect it, a reward will be delivered with joy and gratitude to you. Thank you for believing in American innovation and the free enterprise system.


Why support EVFI?

The major car companies are five years behind independent car makers in EV technology. EVFI is the global leader in light pickup truck electric drives.

      • EVFI is the only highway-ready 100% electric pickup truck in America.
      • The EVFI Condor is the Most American-made truck in America.
      • EVFI is the technology leader in affordable electric vehicles with patented technology forthe lightest, strongest drive in its class.
      • EVFI is debt free and utilizes Lean SixSigma methodologies to ensure profitability at all stages of production.
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