Government officials have a lot of good endorsements for EV Fleet, Inc. and the Condor electric truck!

“The EVFI V2G plan is mission essential for the US Department of Defense to protect more than 500 military installations against public grid unreliability.”

— Dorothy Robyn – Deputy Undersecretary of Defense

“We strongly believe EVFI commercial production of a low-cost, efficient electric vehicle is good for America.”

— Steven L. Beshear – Governor, Commonwealth of Kentucky

“This truck meets and exceeds the specifications the Army requires in an electric truck.”

— Edward Moscatelli – Chief, US Army Transportation Branch

“This is a win for jobs. It is a win for Charlotte and a win for North Carolina. There is no downside.”

— Pat McCrory – Governor of North Carolina

EV Fleet Brooks Agnew shakes hands with NC Gov. Pat McCrory during the opening of ReVenture Park.

Governor McCrory and Brooks Agnew shake hands at the new EVFI Assembly Plant in Charlotte, NC.