97% American Made

The CONDOR is designed and built in America.  We know our customer is not necessarily the driver of the vehicle.  They want a reliable and affordable performance.  The CONDOR is designed to outperform a gas-powered truck in urban applications.

Solar Battery Charger

The best source of energy is free and renewable.  Sunlight can provide up to 20 free miles per day to the CONDOR operation.  With 200 miles per day at less than 2 cents per mile, munipalities can save money and stablize their fleet expenses.

With more than 500 foot-pounds of torque and a patented multi-ratio drive, the CONDOR can haul 1,000 pounds up a 10% grade with no problem.  The 65″ x 100″ steel frame will fit virtually any truck body on the market.  The frame will support a standard bed, a tri-fold bed, a tool box, refrigerator, or special-purpose equipment.

The CONDOR has the largest cab in its class.  it has more legroom than a Ranger and more headroom than a Silverado.  The instrumentation is designed for low cost and high reliability.  Our municipal fleet customers don’t care about plasma screens or computer-controlled cabin temperature.  They want function, reliability, and affordability.