Buy Your Electric Truck

Preferred Buyer Team

Be a part of the electric truck revolution by becoming a Preferred Buyer in three easy steps:

Step One

Fill out the Reservation Form PDF  RESERVATION FORM  You must open this form with a PDF reader to fill this form online, click submit.   For $100, your reservation guarantees your purchase of the first production Condor all-electric pickup trucks. The first year of production will sell out very quickly, so please get your forms in as quickly as possible.

Step Two

We will contact you back to make your reservation secure, and set up your test drive.

Step Three

Pick your truck color and options, to set the price.

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All sales documents are perfected at our licensed facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.  All reservation funds are held in trust.

Pricing and Options

The Condor is a universal, all-electric cab and chassis system. The base MSRP is scheduled to be $49,995 before rebates and incentives.

The options are as unique as your business.  That’s because we listen to the voice of the customer.  Here is a list of the options that we can offer now. Our customers are adding to this list every month.  Why not become one of them?

  • Air Conditioning: Cold air even while in slow moving traffic.
  • Cargo Box: medium or tall, dry, chilled, or frozen.
  • Extended Solar, or Solar Power Station with up to 3kW of continuous power in daylight to run tools and equipment without exhausting batteries.
  • Navigation Package: Allows Fleet managers to control speed, territory, and routing via the TTP (Total Telemetry Program).
  • Premium Wheels and Tires
  • Tri-Fold tailgates
  • Tool body with drawers, doors, etc.
  • Towing Package: Allows towing of loads less than 1,000 pounds when equipped with electric trailer brakes.
  • Premium Interior Trim Package: Carpet, upgraded seats, Bluetooth stereo
  • On Site Training Plan for fleet managers

Click here to see a copy of the EVFI BUYER’S GUIDE.

Fill Out the Form and Schedule a test Drive

There is no cost or obligation to fill out the Buyer Request Form.


Buy a New Electric Truck

This form will tell us the model of electric truck you want with all the options. All sales process at the North Carolina Assembly Plant.
    Battery packs may be upgraded up to 90 days after the sale, provided batteries are not damaged. Applications with many short trips in a day may be better served with a smaller battery pack and a larger charger.
    Drivers rarely "deep cycle" battery packs, exhausting the cells of energy. Opportunity charging throughout the service day is highly recommended to improve battery life. Daily ranges of 150 miles are possible.
  • The larger the fleet, the more profits you can recover with an EVFI electric truck.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.