Let’s Compare

The proof is where the rubber meets the road. Let’s compare the Cost of Ownership between your current fleet vehicle and the EVFI Condor. Enter in the values from your current operation and watch how the cost goes down with the addition of the Condor to your fleet. The stability of American-made electricity compared to the volatile price of gasoline adds security to your budget planning.

Cost of Ownership

Use the Interactive Form below to input your operating information. It will reveal the profit recovery from replacing your gas-burning truck with an EV Fleet electric truck.  This is a great “What if” tool that will instantly show the difference in cost of operation between your existing gas-powered fleet and one served by the EVFI Condor.

See the difference after one to five years of operation.  You will be amazed how quickly the bottom line improves.  Plus, don’t discount the value of the economic stability removing the unreliable cost of gasoline from your future fleet operation projections.

  • * You should consult with your accountant to confirm your eligibility for the federal tax credit and any additional state and local tax credits that may be available