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Fleet Vehicle Forecast

We would love to hear about your fleet vehicle acquisition forecast. EV Fleet is built from the ground up with Lean SixSigma as a method of customer development. The major car companies make one product, and force you to buy it or walk. We accept your design and feature ideas from start to finish, because our manufacturing process is modular and designed to give the fleet operator the exact vehicle that meets his needs.

We listen to you. That means we need you to talk to us, confidentially.. Tell us how many light trucks you operate now with daily ranges under 200 miles. Tell us how many trucks you are going to replace during the next fiscal year. Tell us how many you think could be replaced with our hard-working Condor cab and chassis design.

We will make it simple for you. No obligation.  No pressure.  You will help our company direct the right resources in the right places, making the cost of your vehicle lower.  Simply copy and paste the text below onto your fleet company letterhead. Fill in the blanks, sign it, and scan it back to us by email. Simple, clean, and effective.

If your trucks drive less than 15% on the freeway and less than 200 miles per day, the CONDOR will work for you.  Our truck will cost less to drive than any gas-powered truck on the market today.  Our truck is designed to sit in traffic for up to 20 hours with the AC or the heat running.  When you replace a portion of your fleet each year, consider the unmatched cost of ownership that a CONDOR can provide.  Fill out the form and send it in.  Your information will help us make production possible.

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