1.5 cents a mile to operate!
End high maintenance costs
More payload than a Ford Ranger.

"No Grease, Just Lightning!"

Perfect for fleets. Get yours today!

EV Fleet electric truck

Made in America. Quick, quiet, and zero emission.

The Condor is the only safe, affordable electric
truck on the road today.

EV Fleet electric truck

Over 100 miles between full charges
300 miles per cost of 1 gallon of gas
Carries up to 1,000 lbs. payload
Highway speeds up to 80 mph
Receive tax incentives

EV Fleet electric truck

Single tailgate or triple tailgate
Flat bed or dump bed
Van box or refrigeration box

Choose the configuration that is
right for your operation!

The team at EV Fleet Inc. assembles and sells electric trucks that are safe and affordable for fleet use on America’s highways. EVFI’s Condor 2015 is a pickup-size electric truck that will get a range of more than 100 miles between charges.
Cost: 1.5 per mile. No special charging station necessary. 

For more information on purchasing the Condor 2015, contact Stewart Mallard, Director of Sales for EV Fleet: SMallard@EV-Fleet.com


EV Fleet, electric trucks, electric truck

If you’re not using the Condor in your fleet, your competition will. Click the button to order your Condor TODAY!

EV Fleet, electric trucks, electric truck

Our Fuel Economy Label


EV Fleet, electric trucks, electric truck

The Condor may be the only light electric truck to qualify for federal, state, and local tax incentives. Click the button and find out how much you can save on the Condor!

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    Go Green

    1. Assembled in Charlotte at ReVenture Park, the city’s first eco-industrial park.
    2. Zero emissions.
    3. No special charging station needed.
    4. Can travel 100 miles between full charges.

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    Fast Facts

    · Made in the USA.
    · Size of half-ton pickup truck.
    · Cost to run: 1.5 cents a mile.
    · Top speed: More than 80 mph.

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    Possible Uses

    Airports, hospitals, universities, city maintenance, parks, Light sanitation, utility polling, business parks, convention centers, marinas, port authorities, resorts, apartment and condo complexes, residential communities.

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